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2022-06-30: Extended deadline for abstracts to July 15, 2022

We would like to thank you very much for all the abstracts that have been submitted so far. Since submissions are still continuing, we have therefore decided to extend the deadline for abstract submission to July 15, 2022. Please circulate this information to colleagues who may be interested in attending TOFA 2022 and submitting abstracts.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 18th Discussion Meeting on Thermodynamics of Alloys (TOFA) will be held in Krakow, Poland from September 12 to September 16, 2022. Krakow is a city in the southern part of Poland, second largest in terms of area and population, and well communicated with other parts of Europe. One of the oldest cities and former capital of Poland, Krakow boasts hundreds of historical buildings, and hosts big part of Poland’s museum collections. Because of its historic riches Krakow’s Old Town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Modern Krakow is also one of Poland’s leading centers of science and education with more than 20 universities and research institutes.

Like Krakow connects its past and present, TOFA 2022 will be an opportunity for all generations to meet. Researchers, scientists and students in the field of thermodynamics of alloys are welcome to join this international conference.

TOFA 2022 will be a single session conference based on invited lectures, selected oral presentations and poster session. Exceptionally in 2022, TOFA will be held in the same week in parallel to 10th High Temperature Capillarity Conference giving both communities an opportunity to meet.

Looking forward to an excellent meeting,

Przemyslaw Fima

Chair of TOFA 2022
2nd Announcement

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